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LFG Australia: Looking For Gamers

Bringing tabletop gaming to Australia

Sydney & Canberra

Looking for Gamers (LFG) is a two-day event for tabletop aficionados of all ages and stripes - casual board gamers, role players, hardcore wargamers and everyone in between.

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Sydney 2016 featured:

  • Game demonstrations where you can learn from the experts
  • Competitions and tournaments, ranging from drop-in competitions for first-timers and children to tabletop miniatures tournaments hosted by Hall of Heroes
  • Open gaming until midnight for players who just don't want to quit
  • Protospiel, where up-and-coming game designers can get feedback from professionals, run by Boardgames Australia
  • Introductory role playing events for RPG first-timers
  • Secondhand game sales and trades
  • Retail booths to add to your collection
  • Community noticeboards and spaces for local gaming groups to advertise and meet new players
  • A bar for responsible adults
  • Restaurants and cafés on site
  • Free parking and easy public transport access


Australian Boardgaming Tournaments

Euro-game tournaments

Feb-Jun 2017

The Australian Boardgaming Tournaments are fun, family-friendly competitions with a focus on euro-style games including Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, and Dominion.

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Prizes range from $20 gift vouchers all the way up to overseas airfares for world championship tournaments.

2017 tournament dates:



Big Boys Toys Expo Canberra

The ultimate big boys' playground

Exhibition Park in Canberra

Big Boys Toys Expo Canberra (BBT) is the ultimate playground for big boys (and girls of course) to see, touch, experience and buy all the toys, tools, gizmos, gadgets, sports and hobbies they've always dreamed of.

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Attracting over 9000 attendees in its first year, Big Boys Toys 2016 aimed even higher - occupying over 15,000m2 and adding two new pavilions!

The 2016 event featured:

  • Autoland - show your ride some love, and admire vehicles of the two and four-wheeled variety
  • Sports & Fitness - get the latest gear to help you stay in shape, with help from the experts
  • Outdoors & Leisure - kick back with a locally-brewed craft beer, in a spa, on a boat...
  • DIY - spoil yourself with that new tool you always wanted and go MAKE something awesome!
  • Technology - check out the latest in 3D printing, or grab your controller and pilot an RC vehicle
  • Entertainment & Activities - Marvel at the muscles in the Strongman Competition, challenge the high score on the arcade & pinball machines, spread your wings in the flight simulator, check out the Crossfit Challenge, and more!


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